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Who’s the Best Poker Player In Town? – Phil Ivey

The professional poker player knows it all and they are willing to bet their money on one poker player and his name is Phil Ivey. The catch is that the public is not really familiar with Phil playing on big tournaments.

He has 8 final tables in the World poker tournament and 1 win. He is also the proud winner of 6 WSOP bracelets, none of which came from Texas Hold ‘Em. Hold ‘Em is the most popular of its kind because its more exposed in the media through television.

Phil make millions each year on the poker tables unknown to the ordinary citizens. That’s why he is so famous as the most excellent poker player in the world because he is a very good in cash game plays making it as his way of living. Tournaments are not his main priority.

He already won 6 bracelets in 5 distinct forms of poker showing his highly earned experience in cash games. Knowing a variety of poker is quiet handy when playing with difficult opponents such as Doyle and Co. This will make knowledgeable and won’t make you left out even on the most varied day ti day game.

In this kind of Ultra-High Stakes games, poker players spent a lot of time choosing the game they prefer on each round. For example, if Sammy Farha is on the game you can expect that there would be a PLO in the rotation. This is because every poker player has their favorite sort of game and they will fight hard just to ensure that their game will be included in the round.

The good thing about Phil Ivey is that he is a better all round player. He have 7 Card Stud beast on his name, 2 PLO bracelets and 2 mixed event bracelets. He also managed to get a final table in the H.O.R.S.E. Tourney.

Those are the games the Phil have already perfected. How much is the stake he’s willing to gamble? Last February 2006, he played heads up Limit Texas Hold’Em versus Andy Beal, Texas billionaire. And he managed to grab around $16,000,000 in three days playing poker with the stakes of $25,000/$50,000.

Maybe you’ll pick another best player in the world according to your game play. But Phil Ivey can win them all and if I have to select, Ivey is still the best poker player in town. One deficiency he had from the start is that he never won a Main Event in his career, but once he get one then the discussion is over.

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