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Will American Online Poker Survive?

It has been the crusade of the Poker Players Alliance or the PPA to alleviate the sufferings of online poker players in the United States by passing up legislations to react against the current UIGEA bill. It’s been definitely a long time when the UIGEA was passed and has starved the American people on their rights to play poker online. This is due to the fact that this bill classifies poker as one of pure luck gambling kind which is not true because poker is a game of skill through and through.

At present people thought that they are getting what they wanted when the Democrats took over the House in 2006, however, what happened is not the direction they wish to take.

Today, a lot of people assumed that the House of Representatives would be the one to overthrow the UIGEA and will start on making the online poker industry legal and regulated plus making the side note of taxing the whole online gambling industry.

Even though Barney Franklin’s bill has more than enough cosponsors in Congress it has stopped. It only signifies that passing a bill to go against the UIGEA will take time and will not be easy.

But it was the relief of the PPA to gain the one more supporter in the person of New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez when he passed the Internet Poker and Games of Skill Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act.

This act is a great alternative if the UIGEA is concerned because it does not ban online poker operations but has the framework to make poker legal and regulated, same with other skill related online games.

The bill has made a lot clarification with regards to the current debate about online gambling. As an example this bill wanted to ask the government for the list of online gambling operations that are not registered so that they can enforce more authority upon them and it also uses the present development in technology in order to undermine the rampant gambling of underage people.

It will also aid in boosting the funding for gambling counseling and also permits the compilation of taxes from registered online poker operations. It will also assist in the explaining of the Wire Act to avoid illegitimate seizures of fund from happening in the future.

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