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Winning from A Bluff

The game of poker is intended for one player winning the most.  Sahamies week was very favourable until Wednesday night.  Sahamies played against South, a member of the CardRunners family.  Both player played  $300/$600 pot-limit Omaha and in under 500 hands, South gained the edge and won approximately $800,000.

The most exciting action in the game of poker is when a player believes in the bluff of his opponent.  Even if the game is usually a game of a big made-hand against a big draw on the flop, bluffing a competitor is much more fun.

South started a bet at $1,800 and Sahamies increased it to $5,600 making South  to call for it which he did.  During the game, the bet is increasing to $10,800 up to $32,400.  At the end, Sahamies fired his third pot-sized bullet making South for an all-in.  The game ended in favor of Sahamies giving him $234,000 earning.

Sahamies and South had the same hand in the game however South gained a little advantage with backdoor flush outs and a nine.  The scenario of South’s game is more like a flush but at the end, he won against Sahamies with a king-high straight which is better.  The total winning of South against Sahamies is $216,599.

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