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Best Computer Mouse for online poker

We decided to write this review out of a need for online poker players to have the best options and comfort while playing poker online. Even myself after being on the computer for hours has a tendency to ask my self is their a more comfortable chair, is their a better mouse that will offer me more comfort and usable features. Do you want a smarter, faster, and more comfortable mouse? If you have ever asked yourself these same questions read on.

Logitech has been an industry leader for years and a very respected name in computer accessories. They have recently released a new wireless mouse the Logitech MX Revolution wireless mouse. This new mouse boasts many quality features and comfort unparalleled over any mouse we have ever seen on the market.

Logitech MX Revolution Mouse

Hyper-fast Scrolling: Fly through long documents with the MicroGear™ Precision scroll wheel.

MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel: this revolutionary alloy scroll wheel operates in two distinct modes: Free-spin Mode for hyper-fast, nearly frictionless scrolling, or Click-to-click Mode for detailed navigation using an ultra-precise ratchet-scrolling mechanism. Fly through hundreds of pages — or move line-by-line — with more precision than ever before.

Quick-Flip: Move effortlessly between applications and documents with a flip of the thumb wheel.

Touch to Search: Enjoy one-click access to your favorite search engine—instantly search your computer, network, and across the Web.

Natural Position: Enjoy exceptional comfort with an ergonomic grip and deep-sculpted thumb support.

Convenient Controls: Do more with the mouse; make less visits to the keyboard.
Advanced Laser Engine: Experience extreme accuracy and flawless tracking on nearly any surface.

Click-to-Click Scrolling: Increase productivity with click-to-click navigation of lists, slides, and image collections.

Smart Scrolling: Automatically switch between hyper-fast or precision click-to-click scrolling modes to match the task at hand.

Rechargeable Li-Ion: End battery worries forever. Stay on top of your power supply with a 4-stage battery level indicator.

Extreme Wireless: Experience bulletproof wireless freedom with robust 2.4 GHz Digital Cordless, plus the extra performance of full-speed USB.

Logitech MX Revolution Mouse
Whats in the box

  • Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse
    Recharging station
    AC power cord
    USB micro-receiver
    Logitech® SetPoint™ software CD
    User’s guide
    3-year warranty
    System Requirements


  • Windows® XP
    Windows Vista™ (requires Internet connection)
    Available USB port
    CD-ROM drive


  • Mac® OSX 10.3.9+
    Available USB port
    CD-ROM drive
    Internet connection

Ok so now that we got the technical info out of the way let see why this mouse might be the best on the market ever. The first thing I noticed is that they make it hard to get new products out of the packaging. It was like a vault. But well worth the added time to go get a chain saw out of the garage. Once installed and ready for use the very first thing I noticed was the new feature they call MicroGear Precision Scroll Wheel. The scrolling wheel has two modes the first mode is a noticeably regular wheel but the second mode of the wheel offer a different feeling and feature that many will enjoy though I don’t think the this will help the online poker player but when not playing poker you might need to scroll thru thousands of lines of excel data in a flick of the wheel or when surfing the net.

Let take a closer look at this feature. You push down on the scroll wheel and it switches to a frictionless revolutionary alloy scroll wheel that is extremely fast and smooth. Once spun the wheel will continuously spin for about 6 seconds. Meaning it will continually scroll through any document or page quickly. Then a push down on the wheel switches it back to a conventional click to click scrolling mouse. The way all of us are used to. Every time you switch back and forth between regular scroll mode and Precision scrolling you will here a click and a new feel to the wheel. This is subtle but you will get used to the feel and the sound in seconds.

The Logitech MX Revolution Cordless Laser Mouse uses a proprietary dongle. A usb mini receiver. This unit is very small and is slender as to not obstruct any existing or future usb ports. At first I thought this would be a hassle and why use an extra receiver when most computers are blue tooth enabled. But it works very well and once plugged in i forgot about it, so we will move on.

Ok, I know! lets get to the reason this is the best mouse for online poker players. We will get to that next.

Housed inside the mouse is a high capacity lithium-ion battery. This single feature has a pro and a con. The advantages first. For poker players playing online for many hours at a time their is a time when a wireless mouse will run out of battery. Either ending you poker session or making you switch to a old wire mouse. We tested the battery and it was good for 3 days 8 hours a day with no recharging. It auto turns off when not in use , we will call this sleep mode. Also you can monitor the battery life with 3 small led lights by your thumb. So you could play poker online for over 24 hours straight without having to recharge the unit because I know you do. The downfall to this battery it that when it comes time for replacement you cant install a new battery yourself, you have to send it in to be replaced. I don’t want to know how much this will cost. We just hope Logitech will come out with a better version before this inevitable situation happens.

Logitech MX Revolution Mouse

The mouse comes with an easy dock for charging that is plug in via an ac adapter. We like this docking station for the mouse it almost like a shrine for the little guy.

The mouse itself is quite large but the ergonomic design makes your hand wrap around it very comfortably. This should not scare you off yet, the single most reason I was in themarket for a new mouse is I thought mine was to big. I found that my old mouse was to long, to big and I was always stretching my fingers and holding on for dear life. When you place your hand on the Logitech MX Revolution mouse it is so very natural your fingers find their place and make it feel like you could hold it for hours without repositioning your hand.

For poker players that play multiple screen logitech had a really useful feature called Quick flip thumb wheel. This thumb wheel lets you quickly switch between windows or documents. This feature is part of the setpoint software provided with the mouse. It is not a second scroll whee,l it is a way for you to navigate multiple screens without having to move all over the screen to click them or click the window in the task bar. When you click the thumb wheel is brings up a window right under the mouse pointer that you can scroll the flip between and open windows or documents of choice. Then you can select the one you wish to navigate to by left clicking and walla thats it very cool feature I must say. Their is also two buttons above the thumb wheel that are used for back and forward buttons. This really wont help the online poker player while playing poker but it is very useful for other online navigation.

When playing poker online you might not want to always be in the same positions. We tested the laser that is used with the mouse for accuracy on multiple surfaces and found it to be exceptionally precise. You can use it on your leg , couch, table, floor just about any surface and it tracks you movement like a sniper sighting a target ready for the kill. So those of you that have your computer set up to view on the huge flat screen tv this is for you.


Features and reliable brand.
Perfect laser tracking
Excellent charging station
Long battery life
Scroll features
Look and feel

This is for right handers only.
Battery will need to be replaced at some time.

Logitech has out done themselves with a feature rich product that is suggested retail of $99 but many online stores have it for under $60 bucks. The free spin feature is worth the full retail price alone. I cant think of any real issues with the mouse other than it cant help you with your poker skills. It just makes you feel good while playing. I hope you have enjoyed this review. See you at the tables.

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