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Anatomy of Texas Hold’em Sit N Goes

A sit n go is one of the most fun kind of poker games that exists. It is quick and extremely rewarding when you win. A lot of sit n goes will even get you to a bigger tournament that could end up being a life changing experience. Texas Hold’em sit n goes more specifically are one of the hottest things to hit poker. In any online poker room there are thousands of sit n goes going on at any given time. You can get into a game constantly with out any wait; day or night.

What is a Sit N Go?

The name “sit n go” is a perfect name for what it is. A sit n go is a poker game that is played with a variety of different amounts of players. Normally they are only one table of 6-10 people. These days, you can find sit n goes online with hundreds of people in one game. The more common types of sit n goes online and offline are just one table. The easy basic definition of a sit n go is just a small poker tournament that you can sit down at and play in.

The sit n goes are already set up and ready to go constantly through out the day online. The tournament will start as soon as the tournament fills up. If it is a six person sit n go then the tournament will start as soon as six people are registered for the tournament. Normally the top two or three places will get paid (depending on how many people are in the sit n go). Once the game is over, the winners are credited with their prize money.

Different Types of Sit n Goes

One of the more popular types of sit n goes are the turbo sit n goes. These are nice to play in because they are very fast and bring on a unique strategy of winning. In a tournament like this, there are a lot of people making a lot of moves. The blinds raise extremely fast and the tournaments only last about an hour or so. Sometimes they can go even faster then that, depending on the players.

For those who enjoy playing and taking their time in a tournament there is the complete opposite of the turbo sit n go. A lot of online rooms offer a sit n go called a double stack sit n go which allows that every player starts with double the chips that they would start with normally. The blinds raise the standard amount of time, but everyone has a lot more chips. These tournaments usually take a lot longer to play then a normal one. They take much longer to play then if you were to play in a turbo.

Sit N Go Advantage

The number one advantage to taking place in a sit n go is the short amount of time that they take to play in. A lot of people like playing in poker tournaments but they don’t really want to play for twelve hours. With a sit n go you can get in, play and then get out. It also allows for you to play at anytime, especially online.

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