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Beginner Mistakes

If you are a beginner at poker there is really no way to avoid making mistakes. There is actually not any way to avoid making mistakes even if you have played for thirty or more years. The only thing you can do is limit your mistakes as good as possible, and make as many right decisions as possible. The problem with being a beginner is that you cannot play without making a lot of mistakes. Unfortunately no matter how many articles, websites, poker books or DVDs you look at you will still make mistakes.

One of the biggest mistakes that beginners make is the mistake that playing poker is all in the cards that you get. Too many times, when beginning out in poker, players focus too much on the hand they have and not on anything else. That is a mistake that once again cannot be avoided most of the time. There is way to much involved with poker to be able to jump right into it. While making this mistake is indeed a mistake, it is not necessarily a bad thing for beginners to do. Of course, you must know as much as possible about the cards before you can take your game further.

Another mistake most beginners make is the money part of the game. They usually do not understand that a lot of the game has to do with the amount of money in the pot tied in with the chances of winning a hand. There are too many times that I play in games with beginners and see them make terrible decisions that should be based upon how much money is in the pot.


There is $500.00 in the pot and it only costs the player $20.00 to call the bet after the turn. They fold and they show that all they had was a flush draw and because someone told them they should not go on draws they folded. Well, normally I keep my mouth shut at a poker table but in this case I just had to say something.
If you are a beginner in this position, you BETTER call! I do not care if you only have two outs. With these kinds of pot odds, you must call this hand and not think twice about it. Needless to say this player’s flush card ended up flipping on the river, and they were not happy about it. Once again, this is just a beginner’s mistake.

The problem is that in poker there is just too much that factors into making the right decision. The problem with that is that one wrong decision can ruin your entire night. The fact is that if you are a beginner you will make mistakes. The only way to truly get around them is by playing as much as possible and learning that way. It is good to read and learn from other people, but without hands on experience you will not learn anything at all. Just remember that if you are a beginner, you are expected to make mistakes and there is nothing you can do about it except learn from your mistakes and do not do them again.

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