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being patient at the poker table

So many times you are either wathcing poker on tv or a live tournament game and you see a player doing so well maybe for hours or even invested 2-3 days in a tournament and then makes one quick decision to end it all that could have been avoided by being patient at the poker table.

There is a big lesson here that costs you nothing to learn. When you make quick decisions for all your chips or most of them it is mostly a decision based by emotion rather than pot odds or knowledge of the game. Ultimately you need to take a couples steps back and make sure you really want to risk it all on this hand. Be patient and really think of how the hand transpired. Of coarse if you have the nuts then stop reading this and bet big. But if not, it cost you nothing to use what’s between your ears and think. Was I raised before the flop? who limped in? who raised and when? What was the bet sizes? What hand can you be beat by? and so one. Once you have walked yourself through the easy questions. Most of the time you will be right with your ultimate decision.

Log into titan poker software and what a some tables being played at higher stakes, and wait you will see someone lose it by a quick call or all in bet solely based on emotion.

You will be amazed at the great lay downs or pot you will win by doing your due diligence on each big decision. See you on the felt.

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