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Building a Contact List of Donators

Playing poker online has a lot of advantages that many people do not think about. When you go play poker at the casino you might have the option to sit at a couple of different tables. More then likely you will actually get seated at what ever table they seat you at. If you go often enough, you might even see the same players there day in and day out. When you play poker online; not only do you have the option to pick your table, but you can also pick who you sit down and play with.

One of the best ways to make money is by building a contact list of donators. This may sound pretty funny at first but just think about it. If you are familiar with online poker you know how many ridiculously bad players are on there playing every single day. Why not take note of who those players are and sit down at their tables every single day? If you had a specific player just give you hundreds of dollars, why not play with them when ever they are online?

If you play poker enough online, you could build a list of bad players that could stretch longer then you would ever believe. If you are going to play poker online, then why not play with the bad players and donators? There are so many of them out there and they are just waiting for someone to take their money.

You have to take advantage of these kinds of situations. Every legal thing you can do to gain an edge is the best way to beat your competition. If someone said to you okay, over there is the table full of donators and over there is the table full of great poker players; where would you go? That is essentially what you are being asked every time you log in on a poker room online.

There are a variety of different ways to do this. Some poker rooms have software the enables you to have a buddy list where you can add people to your list. This is the best way to keep track of players in specific rooms, but not all poker rooms have this feature. It is not that big of a deal if they do not have that feature. There are still several different ways you can accomplish this goal.
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If the poker room you play at doesn’t have the buddy list feature then you might have to go old school. In that case, you will have to bust out a pen and paper and just write down every player ID that you find that is terrible and likes to donate money. Of course, you could also use a word processor on your computer which works wonderfully as well.

What to do with the List?

The next thing you are probably wondering is what to do with the list. Well, you shouldn’t be wondering that because you already know the answer. You go and find those payers and you take their money. There is usually always a search function in the lobby where you can find specific players and also see where they are playing. From there, you can join in on their table and take all their money. It is a bonus if you can get at a table with several donators. Always look around to see if you can find multiple donator tables. This is a good way to make more money playing online poker, so use it.

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