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Coping With Tilt

Tilt has a number of levels. You can actually try to stop tilt at the earliest level if you are aware of it. Tilt begins pretty harmless, being affected by an outdraw, several inferior set of cards, a bad beat or any personal problems that’s been bothering you before you started playing. These characteristics describes stage 1 of tilt. You are not that distracted and still paying close attention to the game.

Stage 1 is not that serious. However, if you had arrive at this stage, you are really close to stage 2. The first stage is just a bridge. You have to stop playing tilt at that point. This is because on stage 1 you are still on the right set of your mind and has the ability to stopped the budding problem.

Stage 2 is the wild stage. Here you are playing wild, making stupid bluffs, getting aggressive before the flop, making all in bets when you don’t have any good hand and just waiting for a wild card to appear and so on. At this stage, you’re going to feel elated, revengeful, hopeful, dejected and all the emotional kind of feelings might get into you. And once you started feeling this then you are already steaming. Steaming can lead into a bad poker play and then you will feel worst again and then you play crazy poker again and it goes on and on.

This stage is a crazy one. You are aware that you are playing tilt but you can’t stop. If you won’t force yourself to stop playing you might see yourself playing stage 3 poker tilt and that would be called life-tilt. This is the stage where poker players lose all the discipline they have learned and they play really, really bad poker. This is where you are in danger of losing all your money.

What you should do. As early as possible you must know that you are on tilt. If you realize the signs, stop playing instantly. This will prevent you from losing all you have. Playing life tilt is not a joke, this will wipe you out in an instant and you won’t even know it. This is because you let emotions rule your game play which is not the right thing to do.

Another way of preventing tilt would be not to bring any thing that will make you roll into stage 3. Don’t bring big amount of money, especially credit cards and bank cards, and don’t even try to pawn your wedding ring.

Bad beats are common in poker as well as wild cards, outdraw and many more. You just need to know how to deal with them. Learn to discipline yourself. Don’t put the blame to anyone, don’t bring your problems on the poker table and learn how to move on quickly from a bad hand.

Know to choose the right decision. An infrequent bad beat or outdraw is better than playing against players who are on their right state mind and obviously play better than you.

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