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Dangerous Flops

If you want to make sure you don’t lose all of your money really fast then it is important to be careful of dangerous flops. There is an uncountable amount of different variations of flops that can be produced. Some of them may be perfect for your hand and when that happens it is a great feeling. Then there are the times when you completely miss the flop which is also not such a bad feeling. Then there are those times where you hit the flop just like you wanted too but with a side of danger to go along with it.

Sometimes you will have cards that will dominate the flop but have a lot of danger along with it. A good example of that would be a time that you flop a set but there are three flush cards on the board. This is a really bad situation because while you have a very good hand, there is still a lot of danger on the flop that could beat you. There really isn’t any way to get around a dangerous flop like this. The best you can hope for is to win the pot right there and get out without losing any money. If the board pairs or you get a four of a kind then you can end up even better then before but it isn’t likely.

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A flush is probably going to win a hand like this. The best play here is to bet the flop hard and see what happens. If you get some callers then that could mean one of two things. Either they have a flush or they are drawing for a flush. You still are not in bad shape unless another flush card comes up. At that point you should just tuck your tail and fold. There is no way you will win with a set in this position. If you are lucky the board will pair and you can clean house with a full house.

The straights and the flushes are the most dangerous types of flops that you will ever come across. Any flop can be dangerous, but there usually is no way to tell that it is dangerous. It is difficult to put your opponents on two pair or three of a kind. A dangerous flop maybe a hand that shows a pair on the board, but that is also pretty obvious.

The best way to test out a dangerous flop is to bet at it. Checking it will only give your opponents the power to bet at you. Don’t give your opponents power when you can get it yourself. Betting is also a good way to feel out your opponents and figure out what they have. The worse that could happen is you get re-raised. If that happens and you think you are beat you just fold and there is no harm done. You may lose a little bit of money but it is better then losing it all to a dangerous flop

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