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Don’t fold the Winning Hand

Everyone has been in that situation where they realize that they have just folded the winning hand. It is not a good feeling at all; but sometimes it just cannot be helped. As much as all of the poker players out there want to tell themselves that they can read minds and they make the best reads ever; it just isn’t true. Sometimes there it is just not worth it to take that chance, and you may need to fold the best hand. There are however, many times those people folds the winning hand when they have no business folding at all.

If you are ever considering folding the winning hand then you obviously do not think it is the best hand. You have to be able to trust yourself and go with your reads. Sometimes you will be right and sometimes you will be wrong. The one thing that you cannot let happen is to get those false thoughts in your head. You should be putting your opponent on a hand, and when you put them on a hand for specific reasons then stick with it. Just because they put you in a bad position doesn’t make their hand any better or yours any worse. You still have the winning hand; you just have to put more money in the pot to make it win.

There are too many poker players out there that are afraid to lose money and that is the worst trait of any player. Being afraid to lose money will just make you lose even more money. Folding the winning hand is like getting robbed, and it happens a lot to people that are afraid to lose money.

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When Folding the Winning Hand is Acceptable

Okay, so folding the winning hand is never a good thing but sometimes you just don’t have any other choice. If someone is betting a ridiculous amount of money into a small pot (like so many inexperienced players do) as a “bluff” and you think you have the winning hand then it may not be worth it. Unless you are pretty sure that you have the winning hand, why risk all of your money on that hand? It’s one thing if you have a great hand but obviously this is an example of a marginal type hand that could very easily be beat. That is just a no brainer to most to just fold and not worry about that hand.

“Don’t fold the winning hand when there is a lot of money in the pot and it is worth it to find out if you have the winning hand or not.”


You have $100 in front of you and there is $600 in the pot. You have two pair but you are convinced now that your opponent is beating you because he is betting so aggressively. You are now faced with an all in bet. There is a reason you have gotten so far into this hand, and it isn’t because you thought you were beat. Just because the rest of your money is now at stake doesn’t change anything. Even if you are beat you have some outs, so why not call here for $100 more to see what happens. You just cannot fold the winning hand if there is a good amount of money into the pot. If you lose, then you lose; but this is a risk that is always worth taking. You will be happy to know that you were ahead the whole time anyways and your opponent thinks that top pair is a royal flush.

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