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Folding Aces

The best hand in poker is the hand known as pocket aces. There is no better hand in poker and it is the most powerful preflop hand available. As much as you may try to tell your friends that your favorite hand is QJ, you cannot argue that you would still rather have pocket aces. The fact is that this hand gives you the best chance to win, and let’s face it; that is what poker is all about. With all this glory that comes with the wonderful pocket aces, you would probably not hear much about folding them. Folding pocket aces is pretty unheard of and only a very small percentage of poker players know how or when to do it.

The best thing you can do when you have pocket aces is to get as much of your money in the pot as soon as possible. If at all possible, the best thing to do is to get all of your money into the pot before the flop. The reason why is because before the flop, there is no possible way you could be beat. There is never anything wrong with getting all your money in the pot when you have the best hand. Of course, it is very possible to get beat with any two cards but the odds are in your favor. Most of the time, if you get your money in right away it will hold up.

If you cannot get all of your money in the middle and you get a couple callers from your raise you could possibly be faced with some tough decisions. There is no reason to assume you still have the best hand after the flop. At this point it is important to think about possible hands that your opponents could have, and figure out if their hands have yours beat. The bad part about pocket aces is that there is not a very good chance that you could better your hand. It is very possible however, that your opponents have.

There are a couple of different things that could happen in this situation. Your opponents could completely miss on the flop and you will still be ahead, they will hit top pair and you will still be ahead, or they will hit 2 pair or better and you will be behind. If you played this hand right before the flop you would have made a very good raise. Because of that raise, you can and should assume that your opponents have good hands (higher pocket pair, AK, AQ, KQ, ETC.). You can really only put your opponents on respectable hands in this situation. Otherwise, you really have no hand selection to make your decision off of. Any good player will probably only make a call with these types of hands. If they do have other hands then there is just nothing you can do to expect that they do.

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If the board looks like a hand that could have greatly helped your opponents, then you should strongly consider the possibility of being beat. If the board comes up as 10, Q, K then there is a good chance you are beat. Pocket Kings, Queens, tens, K-Q, K-10, Q-10 and Ace Jack are all hands that will have you completely dominated at this point. If you put any of your opponents on a hand like this there is no reason to stay in. Unless you think you are still ahead, there is no reason to stay in the hand. This is a good opportunity to avoid greatly breaking your bankroll and to make a great fold. While pocket aces may be the best preflop hand in the game, they are still very beatable

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