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Getting Counterfeited

There is nothing worse then being involved in a hand where you are ahead and then you end up getting counterfeited and tying or even losing to your opponent. It happens all the time, and there really isn’t any way to avoid it. The best thing to do is get your opponent to fold before you ever have the chance to get counterfeited.
A good example of getting counterfeited and a more common example is if you have a pocket pair and then the board ends up showing two pair higher then the pair in your hand.


Your hand = pocket 6′s

The board reads = 7 7 8 Q 8

What will usually happen in this situation is that you will put your opponent on high cards, and you will know you are ahead with your pocket 6′s. While you were totally correct, when that 8 hits on the river you are officially paying the board and your pocket sixes mean nothing. Anyone with a king or an ace in their hand will have your hand beat. Your pair of sixes becomes a high card of a six, which doesn’t even play in this situation because the queen is higher. This is pretty much worse case scenario because you go from being ahead to completely dominated and your opponent doesn’t even have anything.

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Another good example of being counterfeited is when you tie your opponent. This feels just as bad but you don’t lose near as much money. This will often happen when you have a straight or something like that. If you have played a lot of poker in your life then this has probably happened to you before. If not, then you probably will experience it at sometime or another.

It all starts when you flop the nut straight. You are holding a JQ and the flop comes 8 9 10. Then next comes the Jack. That is bad enough because then all your opponent needs to tie you is a queen. Your hand doesn’t feel near as strong, but at the same time someone with a 7 maybe dumb enough to pay you off and it may work out better anyways. Then on the river comes the queen. This is where you are really freaking out because now not only does everyone have a straight but a king will actually beat you. An Ace King will completely dominate you.

There are a lot of ways to get counterfeited and really no way to avoid it. The only thing you can do is bet your hands and not let your opponents beat you on unreal hands like that. Overall, getting counterfeited is just part of the game. Avoid it when you can, and forget about it fast when you can’t.

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