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Grinding it out

Making a living at poker means grinding it out for hours each and every day. There is nothing glamorous about it and it is very difficult. Grinding it out takes discipline, focus, stamina, mental strength and a tremendous amount of talent. There are only a handful of poker players that have what it takes to constantly grind it out for enough money to pay the bills.

There are a decent amount of poker players that can grind it out at the tables when they want to. When they feel like playing, they don’t have a problem grinding it out and playing great poker. What makes a player special is when he or she can grind it out and play great poker when they don’t want to. There are always those times when you just feel like playing more hands, and getting lucky. You may start to get board and want to play some cards that you know you shouldn’t play. At that point, there is a discipline problem and you cannot be successful if you cannot stay discipline and grind it out.

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It’s great when you can sit down at a poker table and catch a hot streak of cards for the first hour. It is not hard to quadruple your money in the first hour when you are getting cards. It would be wonderful if you could just sit down with $1000.00 and get up to $5000.00 within an hour then just get up and go home. It is sure that most would agree that there would not be anything tough about that lifestyle. While it is true that this does happen every once in a while; it really doesn’t happen much.
Instead, a poker player has to sit down and play great poker for hours in order to make a decent profit from poker. There is no other way to make a steady income from poker. It is fine to sit down at a table and play lots of hands and get lucky for those of you who are just in it for the thrills and fun. For some, a steady profit and bankroll management is crucial to your poker game. To some, poker is much more then just a fun night playing cards. It is a lifestyle and it is a tool that is used to make a living. For those people, grinding it out is the only way.

Grinding it out means playing poker for twelve hours at a time and going for two or more hours without playing a single hand. There will be streaks when you get hands and opportunities to win pots and there will be streaks where you don’t. Being able to be patient and discipline will allow you to play for long periods of time and come out with a decent profit at the end of a session.

Either you do it or you do not do it. It doesn’t work if you try to grind it out half the time and try to get lucky the other half of the time. The point is to play good solid poker the entire time, no matter how long it is. The point is to not take risks that are not worth taking. No matter how tempting a huge pot may be, you cannot take it without the right odds. Grinding it out is about playing limits that your bankroll can afford and making money the hard way. It may take more hours and more work to make the money but you are doing it with less risk and more discipline.

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