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How Aggressive should I Play to Win?

Some will tell you that the more aggressive you play the better. Others will tell you that a tight game is the way to go. Naturally whatever way that person plays is going to be the correct style of playing in their eyes. That is why it is important to come up with your own style of play. It is however important to have some aggression in your style no matter what your style maybe. It is hard to measure how aggressive one should play to win; but it is a fact that aggression is an important attribute of a winning player.

Playing poker aggressively just gives you a lot more opportunities at the poker table. Aggressive players win bigger pots and they win more pots. If you are too aggressive then that could cause some big losses as well. Playing aggressive also gives you the chance to win without showing your cards. It is always good to win hands without showing your cards because then you won’t give out too much information to your opponents.

There is a difference between different aggressive players. Some of them are stupid aggressive and some of them are smart aggressive. The ones that are smart aggressive are the ones that win. The ones that are stupid aggressive are the ones that just give away money. Both of them will win huge pots as well, but the smart ones will win a lot more then they lose.
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The key is to be selective with your moves. When you do make a move then you should make it aggressive. Don’t play hands that you don’t belong in, but when you are in you play aggressive. Aggressive play doesn’t mean play every hand. It just means that you are aggressive when you do play a hand. There are some players that are actually tight and aggressive at the same time.

Aggressive poker gives you control, respect and a lot more ways to win hands. Not only can you win bigger pots when you get callers, but you can also win a lot of pots from people folding. Fold equity is one of the keys to aggressive poker. You will not be able to get players to fold as much as a tight player would, but you will get paid off a lot more then a tight player would. That is why it is so important to pick your spots. Just because you are aggressive doesn’t mean that you are always bluffing.

Always ask yourself if you can bet or raise. If you have the opportunity to do either of those then you should do it. Whenever you have a chance to be aggressive, take advantage of it. Aggression is an important attribute in a winning poker style. There are a lot of different kinds of aggression, and you will be able to figure out the right one for you. There isn’t one specific definition for an aggressive poker player. All of them are different and have their own styles of play. Some players need more aggression to win then others. There are much too many factors that play a role to distinguish what the right amount of aggression is.

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