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How To Be A ’5 Tool” Poker Player?

Do you know that those who scouts for new talents in baseball use 5 factors in selecting their prospects? These factors are also called ‘the 5 tools’, and that’s the reason why do good all around players are commonly known as “5 tool players”. Here are the basis of this principle:

  • hit for power
  • hit for average
  • run well
  • are good defensively
  • have good arm strength

There is also an equivalent for that 5 tool for poker players, however, it place emphasis on the mental side rather than the physical. In order for you to be a 5 tool poker player you must know this:

  • Selective
  • aggressive
  • Deceptive
  • Experience
  • A Thinker

Selective means carefully choosing your spots: For example, on what kind of starting cards you should play and when will be the exact time to make a bluff. Its really important to select your spots wisely. But don’t confuse being selective with being tight. Those selective players know how to adjust their strategies depending on their opponents and don’t play with one strategy to all of their opponents.

Being aggressive is a must to become a good poker player. If you are aggressive you can win poker in different ways ti gain the coveted pot and can be the reason for your rivals to fear you. I have encountered good players who play tight and good players who play loose but never a good passive player.

Deception is use by good poker players who know every trick and how can they apply these tricks depending on the opponents they are facing. A good hand strategy only works if you know when and to whom it should be applied. Those who knew a deceptive player are aware that its impossible to know the move of a practically cunning deceptive player that’s why they are dangerous when they are on a poker table.

Those who have experience it all know it all. Experience players know how to place their emotions in check especially when things become unfortunate for them. They can conquer pressurize situations with a quick and clear decision due to the wide knowledge they had acquire on their poker career. They are also aware that a pocket aces cannot really win a hand all the time so they are prepared for it.

A player who thinks can be someone who’s ready with a plan but knows how to change tactic when there is a change of situations. They know how to be a step ahead on their opponents.

That’s all. If you have all those 5 characteristics then you are a 5 tool poker player. But if you lack one of it then I think you should work hard in achieving on getting those 5 in hand.

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