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How to Play Omaha

Those who are familiar with Texas Hold’em will be able to quickly learn how to play Omaha.  Omaha is a poker game much like Texas Hold’em.  There are only a couple of differences between the two, and the adjustment should not be too hard to make.  The main thing to keep in mind is that Omaha is not the same game as hold’em.  There are some differences, and if you do not realize what they are you will not do well at the game.

To start off if you are a Texas Hold’em player then it is important to understand the differences in these two games.  Most people these days start off with hold’em because it is the more popular game.  You can go to any casino and find hold’em, but not every casino has Omaha.  Chances are if you are venturing into Omaha, then you are fairly familiar with Hold’em.  The more obvious difference between the two is that in Hold’em, you get two hole cards and in Omaha you get four.  There are still five community cards that get dealt the same way as Texas Hold’em.  The objective is still to make the best five card poker hand.  The hardest thing to remember is that you can only use two of your four cards in your hand, and you have to use two cards in your hand.

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There is an Omaha hand and one of the four hole cards is the Ace of spades.
The cards on the board are: 10(s) J(s) Q(s) K (s)

If this is your hand, you would be thinking that you cannot lose because you have a Royal Flush.  Well, that is not true because remember that you MUST use two cards in you hand.  In fact, not only do you not have the Royal Flush, but if you only have one spade, then you do not have a flush at all.  This is very important to keep in mind.  The last thing you want to do is get all confused thinking that you have a Royal Flush and then bet all your money away on nothing.

The other thing to remember is that you can not use any more then two hole cards.  You cannot use more or less then two cards.  It is easy to remember, if you just keep in mind that you must use two cards, no more and no less.


Hole cards = K(s) K(h) K(d) A(d)

You may be thinking, wow three of a kind already!  No, that is not true because remember that you can only use two cards.

If a king comes up any time during this hand, you can only use 2 out of you 4 hole cards.  That means that you cannot use all three of your kings.  So, you have a three of a kind at this point, not a four of a kind.  This throws in an extra twist to the game, and really forces a strategic mind to play this game.

If you know Texas Hold’em, then you can quickly learn Omaha.  If you do not know Texas Hold’em then it is probably a good idea to learn that first.  It is good to know both games anyways.  The two games are very similar, with just a few differences that were described above.  Omaha, just like any other poker game takes a lot of learning, experience, and practice to get good at.  Overall, a poker player is a poker player.  Every poker game will come natural and success will come with almost every poker game that exists.

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