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How To Take Advantage Of Table Image

Table image can be taken advantage of in a variety of different ways. The first way is by taking advantage of knowing other players table image. The other way is by taking advantage of other players knowing your table image. These are both very affective ways to get money out of your opponents. This is a great strategy for achieving poker success. If you can manage to mix this up with some other strategies, then you will be a great poker player.

The fist way to take advantage of table image is to know what your opponent’s table image is. This is the more obvious way to take advantage of table image. This is really the whole reason why you put an image in front of the players to begin with. When you know a players table image, you can get a good idea of what they will do in certain situations. Some poker players will mix up there table image, but most don’t even know what table image means. This is where you take advantage. If a player is tight, you play them loosely and bet a lot and win small pots against them. If a player is loose, then use that against them and set up some solid traps along with some other techniques to take advantage of the loose player.

The less obvious way to take advantage of table image is to use your own table image to trick your opponents. The basic overview of how to do this is just to reflect a specific table image, and do something other then what that table image would normally do. This is good, because you are enabling the element of surprise to come into play. Your opponents will not expect this type of play. If you are showing a tight table image they will expect you to play only the best hands. If you are showing a loose table image, then your opponents can put you on any hand they want to put you on, which will usually not be a respectable hand.

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The best things you can do in poker are put on a tight table image and turn that into winning hands without cards. Your opponents will not expect you to bluff if you are a tight player. This is the perfect set up for a bluff, and a great way to win a big hand with nothing. The best part about this play is that you can reverse it very easily into people thinking you are full of it. Once you decide it is time to switch the table image you want to represent, you just show a bluff or two and get people thinking differently about you.

A good poker player will control his or her table image. It is up to you to read the right table image of your opponents, and to show to right table image to your opponents. If you are going to pull off advanced poker strategies such as this one, it is important to test and change things up. The best thing a player can do is to keep the opponent guessing constantly. The main goal is to get as much money as possible from the other players. The best way to do so is to make the best decisions, and cause your opponent to make bad decisions. Confusion is the number one way to inflict bad decisions upon your opponent. Taking advantage of table image is a great way to get this to happen.

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