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Internet Gambling Legislation and Politics

Presently, there is an ongoing discussion in congress whether to legalize, regulate or ban online gambling altogether. However, its more popularly known as a lobbyist issue. We all know that ordinary American citizens don’t give any concern on this issue because it doesn’t necessarily affect their day to day living. But there are small factions in the whole population that is concern on this issue in their own big way.

Politically, these small factions are the ones who have place our congressmen and senators in a very difficult situation. Either they have a group that wants their issues and concerns to be check in accordance to the group’s principle and view that they stand up for. Or they have a very extreme group that fund their campaigns and wanted to push what they want specifically pressuring the politicians to abide by their causes.

For example, your a first time Congressman from a Republican district, however you only won the Republican primary with a very small margin. Certainly, you wouldn’t vote against the UIGEA legislation even if you are a fan of online poker, its like killing your political career. Well, it really won’t matter with the ordinary citizens of your district but you must focus on what the right wing small faction groups would say on your decisions. Groups like Focus on the Family and Christian Coalition are really opposed with online gambling and you couldn’t afford to lose their support. If you failed to do their biddings then you must say goodbye to your political ambitions.

Also, even those who don’t lean heavily on the Republicans or Democrats can still be facing the same issues on both sides of the legislation.

As you see our politicians will obviously vote based on their politics and not on their own principles and beliefs with this issue in mind. And for sure the end point of this topic will depend on which side holds the biggest sway. Due to the low concern for ordinary Americans on this issue, a particular politician can vote according to which special group that is going to support them heavily on their career and in which they will receive only a fallout from the people.

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