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Know Liars In Poker

Lies had been part of our lives ever since the first man existed. Some dishonest persons are so good at lying and some are so bad. A person who always lie does not make him a good liar though.

There is no common way to spot if a person is lying. Nevertheless, there is a trick that you can use to know the liars from the honest people. There are clues that you can combine with what you have observe about the person’s characteristics and game play. You can use this clue to fill up some missing places in the puzzle.

The following are clues to know whenever a person is lying or not:

  • Individuals who lie usually have a limited and stiff physical expression, with only a number of arm and hand movements. Liars usually occupy only a small space so their movement lean toward their own body.
  • Liars don’t like to have eye contact during a conversation.
  • People who like to touch parts of their body during a conversation are often lying. For example touching the nose and ear or the face, throat and mouth.
  • People who are lying had delayed reactions. Their emotional gestures are off in terms of timing and duration.
  • Also, there is also a pace problem with the person’s emotions gestures and words. For instance, someone told you that they have a poor hand then frown at the end of the sentence instead of having the gesture the same as he said the statement.
  • A liars action don’t match what he says. A concrete example for that, is a player who say’s he’s glad but frowned.
  • Persons who are lying tend to use more mouth movements only and no other expressions. When they smile its only limited.
  • Liars copy your words when you ask them a question. Example: You ask them, “Do you have a good hand?” They will reply with, “No, I did not have a good hand.”
  • Dishonest individuals don’t like to use contractions in their sentences.
    Are you aware that liars try not to lie to you? Instead of lying they usually use indirect statements. They don’t want to deny anything so that they won’t accuse them of lying.
  • Those who lie commonly don’t stop talking in order to convince you. They are not that comfortable with silence.
  • Dishonest people don’t use pronouns more often than an honest person does.
  • People who are honest speak their words fluently and clearly.

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