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Know when too fold your hand

Let’s set up the scenario for the mini lesson on how to fold your hand even if you have a hand that might be worth something pre-flop or even after the flop.

The game is limit Texas holdem the table is full there has been quite a bit pre-flop raising and calling. You have a middle pair 6-6. This type of hand needs to be played with a delicate touch. You need to watch out for the classic indications that the drawing hands have made their hands if you stay with this hand long enough.

The flop comes out 2d 3h 4d. You are thinking, I have top pair at the moment and the only thing I should do is raise to push out the flush draw and straight draw. But this is not a good flop for your hand especially if you are playing limit holdem at any of the top online poker rooms like Titan Poker or Full Tilt Poker, or even Poker Stars. Many limit players and online poker players will usually play or raise with a drawing hand if it’s cheap enough. This is almost a no win situation which you will have to decide base solely on fourth street. If the and Ad comes off the deck, then the straight draw is in play with any 5 and beat your middle pair. Also any 2 diamonds with connect a flush.

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When you face situations like this playing poker online or at the live tables. Ask why they are putting money into the pot and why it’s so much. Folding on fourth street to any good size raise and call is almost a must if you believe the drawing hand have hit either hand we talked about.
We believe knowing when to fold is one of the biggest lessons a poker player can learn.

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