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Knowing Poker Personalities: The Calling Station

Friend or Enemy?

The calling station is one of the few familiar poker personalities you might encounter at the poker table. They are favorite opponents of good poker players because of their ability to give out their money easily without any kind of regret.

This sort is kind of sensitive to money, they are eager to spend a lot of their own. If you don’t know any kind of poker profiles you might think that a calling station is losing their money deliberately.

Selectivity and Aggression

Calling stations are quietly summarized by their names. They nearly play all hands they are dealt with. They are passive players and will only get aggressive if they have the nuts in hand. But they can check with the nuts if they like their co-players and will do anything not to make a lousy atmosphere.

Calling stations are always hopeful; they only see potential and never want to see the outcomes. A large part of their population plays just for fun and the money they spend will be compared with a lazy night out with friends having to pay a very expensive dinner.

It only means that provided that they are going to gain amusement in playing it will be worth the money spent.


Calling stations are very predictable when they play. They will make a random act of eccentric moves but this lead always to the other player’s benefit.

Poker IQ

This personality has a poker IQ of zilch. They know how to play the game and are quiet smart – but they care less in winning. They think that playing good poker is dull and all they wanted is to have fun. Winning is not their main priority.

They just play their cards, see re-raising and betting as one and assume that a gut shot is an excellent draw.

Having a calling station at your table is one perfect affair. But keep in mind, that a number of this kind of poker personality at one table at once is not an ideal set up of a game.


An excellent means to deal with calling station is to make them happy and make certain that the other players make them happy too. So don’t let a Book Worm destroy the calm mood.

Some of them play quiet good, but the thing is that they don’t want to do that – however, if someone challenge them you might be shock on how well they play.

Don’t ever talk big on how much you are ripping them off – Make sure to play a good game and relax and let money follow you around.

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