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Mistakes In Poker: Entitlement

Entitlement has been long discussed by philosophers and ordinary people alike. Do you think people receive what they truly deserve? People commit the right actions expecting to be rewarded in the end. Some people do evil things aware that they can be punish for their wicked actions. In a perfect world that’s how things supposed to work. But we all know that’s how things happen.

When you give back a wallet full of money it is given that you’ll think that you might get a reward for your honesty. But oftentimes, the only thing that you’ll get is a simple thank your from the indebted owner.

At school you grind yourself to study the subject you like and just skim through the subject you don’t like much expectant that you’ll get high results for your hard work. But it turned out that you got an ace on the subjects you only skimmed and a passing grade for the subjects you burn your candles on.

At work, we all work hard to obtain promotions and raises and extra bonuses; however, lots of people worthy of promotions have been overlooked and the most attentive employees are laid off.

The point here is that although we think that we deserve more, it is probable that will get a totally different result.

A fine example of poker entitlement would be Phil Hellmuth. Phil is identified for saying this statement: “If it wasn’t for luck, I guess I’d win them all.” This individual considers that playing with a good game plan give him the privilege to win. But now he’s knowledge is a little wider for he acknowledges that luck is a key factor in poker, but he still believes that a superior hand will win against an inferior one all the time.

This view makes Phil not take into account the other factors vital in the game. One good instance would be his outburst against poker pro Adam “Roothlus” Levy during the 2008 WSOP Main Event. This situation happens right at the start of the game where both players have deep stacks. Hellmuth raise with 99 and then Levy called with QTs. As the game progress, Phil hit a set with a 9 but Levy got the nut straight. Obviously, Phil loses in the game and then rant against Levy and belittled his game play. The reality is that Levy gave an outstanding play: Hellmuth was so distracted because of his discomfort for having the best hand by having the set but still end up loosing. This instance makes him permit to ignore the game in general because of his sense of entitlement.

Both players have deep stacks, Levy is in position and Phil has a rep as a loose player. He even commented during bet on the final card, “Could I be good enough to play QT like this?” It means that the range of his hand consists of a QT here, but he still called Levy an idiot for playing the very same hand.

If you desire to be a disciplined poker player you must get rid of any sense of privilege you may posses. In playing poker you need to be aware that you must bet your money to the best possible situation and let the chips fall into place. We usually experience that our good hands are defeated and weak plays are rewarded but all things will be balance in the end.

There’s only one thing that you are entitled in the poker table and that would be you’ll be dealt with cards. Following that all the things that will occur will depend on your own choices and of course luck. Keep in mind that in long run your choices will conclude the result of your games: Fate will only determine when you win.

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