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Mold Your Mind To Think Long Term To Become A Successful Poker Player

Making decisions is vital in playing poker. Making good decisions will make you triumph and making bad decisions will make you lose. That’s how it is in poker.

Every decision you encounter has a long term EV or expected value. That would be your average win or lose in playing poker in the the long run. Here’s a definite example: If you’re playing in a limit Hold’ Em game with $10/$20 limit and you bet the best possible set on the river you may expect a +EV of $20. And if your opponent calls every time you make this decision, you’ll get a guaranteed $20 each time. At the same game, you always fold when you are on a Big Blind, this means that you have -EV of $10 and every time you make this decision you’ll lose an additional $10.

It’s not often a decision fails. The -$10EV Big blind example above is more complicated than it is. If you usually lose an average of $3 in the Big blind, then the expected value of folding every hand you have is -$7. But if you lose $12 per hand in the BB then your EV amounts to +$2 everytime.

So why almost all players make such poor judgment? This is because these players assume that luck has a big hand in their play. Their not thinking long term. Expected value is nothing to them. All they can think of is that if their opponent is lucky on this hand, then its their turn to be lucky on the next hand.

Even experienced poker players are invulnerable from making mistakes. They may not be easily detected like drawing for a flush but they do exist. Some got blinded with their favorite strategy, others have a difficulty in understanding a tactic like position and others are too lenient in securing their blinds. Its not often but there a number of mistakes that good players fall into.

A poker player can only win if they make good decisions.

This concept has been misunderstood by some poker players. When someone wins the pot, he or she may think that he made a right decision. But the thing is, only a long term +EV will make a person a good decision maker.

Disciplined poker players have to adjust their mind not to be fooled with what they see and must focus on the long term aspect of the game. Its not that easy and bad luck can actually make a disciplined poker player out of focus. The thing you should remember in poker is that you have to bet big when your chance of winning is big.

Results oriented individuals depend on hunches and are ignorant about the game’s tactic and right game play. They look on what happened and not think about what could have they’ve done differently to make a better outcome. They are not aware that a term called EV existed in poker. They just think about the short term results of their play.

Note: Another player’s mistakes will make you win more than your strategic play.

This idea is very significant in poker. Players who made the least mistakes win, players who make the most, losses. Even if you’re new in poker and you find a table with the worst possible players, you’ll come up triumphant. And that summarizes poker, to win poker you need to find and play with players worse than you.

This concept can be applied in every poker game. What do you think will happen if 5 of the most excellent players in the world play and after a while another excellent player joins them? Who will win and who will lose?

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