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No Limit Hold’em Basic Starting Hands

There are 1,326 different combination of starting hands in the game of Texas Hold’em. Many of these hands are identical in value prior to the flop because of suits. An Ace King of spades is not worth anymore then an Ace King of hearts. There are a total of 169 different starting hands that are all different in value. Each and every one of these hands is worth more or less then any of the other hands. This is the start of how to decide what hands to play and what not to play. Choosing to play only the very best starting hands consistently will result in winning consistently if played well. Poker is a game of odds and probabilities. This is the start of which odds and probabilities to go by.

The top 10 starting poker hands in No Limit Hold’em

1. AA
2. KK
3. QQ
4. AK (suited)
5. AQ (suited)
6. JJ
7. KQ (suited)
8. AJ (off suite)
9. AK (off suite)
10. TT

“Some will argue on which hands rank higher then others, but this is a solid list of the top ten poker hands. Any list different then this one will leave you with a list very similar. All of these hands are powerful starting hands, but of course they can all be beat by others.”

Deciding what hands to play and what hands not to play is a very important part of the game. If you make the right decision more then you make the wrong decision you will win more then you will lose. The best way to start out playing poker is to stick strictly with the top ten starting hands and just fold all of the others. When you become a more advanced poker player you will learn how to win with many other hand selections. No matter what hands you go up against, all of the top 10 hands will give you a high percentage of winning the hand.

The less people you are going up against, the stronger you hand is. If you are only playing against three other people your KQ will be worth more then if you were going against eight people. The reason for this is because there is a higher chance of someone having one of the 6 hands that are better then your KQ. Your hand selection can start to widen out as you get better, and as you play against less players.

Hand selection is only a small part of poker, but it is a very important part. Every aspect of poker comes together and they are all equally important. Without one or the other, you will not be as successful. Playing good starting hands are the first thing to learn how to do when playing poker.

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