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One More Hand Syndrome

Any poker player that plays a lot of poker probably sets limits and times that they are going to quit playing for that session. It is very easy to get involved in the game and play for 20 straight hours without any rest. To many that probably sounds crazy, but you would be surprised how many players have played for twice that time all in one sitting. Playing poker on a regular basis calls for a lot of balance in your life to go along with poker. Poker all day and all night every day and every night is just not healthy. A big part of this is the good old one more hand syndrome that everyone has had one time or another.

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Sometimes one more hand syndrome turns into a good thing if you happen to get a monster on the next hand. The problem is that when you do, are you really going to get up and leave? Then if you do not hit your monster (which you probably won’t) then are you really going to end it on a bad note like that? Well, probably not. That is why the best thing to do is to simply quit when it is time to quit. Playing one more hand is only going to keep you playing longer and getting yourself into more trouble.
There are a lot of different limit setting strategies. Some may quit when they get up to a certain point or down to a certain point. Others may quit when they get to a certain time limit. It doesn’t matter how you set your quit time, you just need to do it. If you don’t then you will end up getting tired hungry and your mind will lose focus. That is the last thing you want to do when you are playing poker. Your mind is the most important thing to be healthy when playing poker. One more hand syndrome always turns into way more hands than one.
The best thing you can do to cure one more hand syndrome is to just never play one more hand. When your time limit comes then just stop right there and be done with it. Of course, if you just paid a session fee or something like that then you may want to play the rest of your session. Either way that is still setting a time limit to quit; it is just extending it a little bit for good reasoning. The point is to just quit when it is time to go, and don’t let one more hand syndrome get the best of you.

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