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Online Poker Tells

Many Poker tells that most us live poker players are used to now are outdated too the new online poker player list of tricks. You no longer have the ability to study your opponents body language or speech patterns.

However even though you lack these standard body language tells, you have to adapt to a new way of play that can be decoded player by player. But there are some standard online tells the you must be aware of if you are going to unlock your fellow online poker players, psychology, poker strategy and habits.

Once you have mastered the basic elements of playing poker you must move on to the art of online poker tells.

If you try to catalog all the possible online tells you might get a list that goes forever. So Let examine one at a time.

Speed Of Play

Many online poker rooms have time limits set before you have act on your hand. Typically this is plenty of time to decide weather you fold or call or go all in. Studying the speed at which a player plays at is only useful if their is no problems with the internet connection being slow or intermittent.

So this is only useful if you determine that things on the internet are going at a normal speed. Typically a quick bet is a sign of weakness, and slow action is a sign of strength. But in online poker it might not be the case. Many players have already decided to have the computer auto place there decision before its their turn.

Let me explain… most online poker rooms including Titan Poker has software that allows the online player to pre decide their action. If you have been to any of the hottest online poker rooms with in the last 2-3 years you will be asked if you want to “fold any”, “raise any”, or “call any”. This was designed to help speed up the game and keep a steady pace. So if the player check boxed call then the computer when it his or her turn to act will execute the predetermined action.

This makes it very hard to get a tell on many players or does it? You can very easily decide if a player is using this feature by how fast the players action is. It will be in a blink of the eye, so fast that a normal human could not wait until their turn and click the box to check or raise with out the help of the computer software. This is easy to figure out right? Yes.

If a player uses the check box to “check” then you can probably determine that their hand is weak. When a player has checked “raise any” it should be very obvious that they have a strong hand.

You can watch how long it takes a player to act and make a mental note especially if you get to see the players cards at the end of the hand. Determining what they “slow play” and what kind of hands “they bet fast” on. This is meat and potatoes information that you can use against them the next time you tango.

While these tells are not 100% accurate, the observant player can over time can begin to make conclusions and assumptions based on their opponents use of the check boxes and speed of play.

Also a special attention needs to be put on if a player has been playing fast fast fast and then all of a sudden slows way down. This could be a tell that they have a real decision with a decent hand. Be watchfull of this style of play they just might have a hand this time.

You should also realize the not all players use this feature so you can examine this player a little more traditionally.

This is perfect time to mention that as good as it is to be able too read other players action by their speed of play. You too have to take a moment and realize what information you are giving away by your actions.

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