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Playing a-x suited

So you play the standard starting poker hands but you don’t know how to approach an Ace with a random suited card. When you add A-x suited to your bag of card combinations that you will play there needs to be a few precautions but not many if played right. Try not to lose to much with this hand.

Most of the big value in these hand lies when you hit them big on the flop like the nut flush or a straight or even two a pair depending on the board. Oh don’t forget about trips, this is a hand that can make you some good progress if someone else has a little piece. Be causes with hitting Ace with a little kicker say A3 and the flop is AQ3 for example. If you have a player betting into you with this flop just proceed with caution. Don’t risk all your chips if playing NLH but in a PLH game you can call this type of betting easily without damaging to much of your stack.

On to the next situation with this hand, you hit big. When this happens your only thought should be how to extract maximum amount of money from my opponents. Put the pressure to them but get some action. You need to make them pay to play. It is always nice when you hit big in a game that is no limit texas holdem and a player is on a draw betting into you and you re raise to take the pot down.

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You can also play these types of hands with A-x suited a little loosely if you plan to let them go if you don’t hit. Try to see flops cheep and win big.

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