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Postdiction In Poker – A Common Mistake

Everybody knows about prediction associating it with famous name like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and of course fortune telling. While postdiction is not that famous. Its not use in our day to day language and I’m upset to say that even my spell check can’t identify this word. But the truth us postdiction can be found in a lot of aspects in society.

Postdiction is a condition wherein you get a situation that had already passed and place a bias analysis on it. In the world of sports this is more commonly known as the Monday Morning Quarterback which popularize the infamous lines, “How can he leave Pedro Martinez in for the 8th inning?!?!?!?!”

Poker players are very guilty in committing postdiction. They often times employ it to justify the destitute play they just made in order for their pride to be intact. For example, a player assumes that he’s hand will draw after 6 outs but in fact it was 10 and only realizes it when the hands are turned up. This player then sort of use this fresh info to rationalize their call. And because of this, your opponents respect for you will be higher, because they thought that you have read on spot due to the info you’ve given.

This sort of fault is extremely severe practice to be tripped upon. This is due to the info that playing poker game ought to represent making the proper decisions given all the data you have under consideration and not about the termination of a hand. So whenever you become hooked to postdiction ready to excuse your awry conclusions then you’ll have a trouble in reforming the little outflows in your game play.

Long time losing players often hold on to postdiction in playing poker. The certainly know the game because they have a vast experience but they always state that they are the most unfortunate person in the universe. Fact is, this kind of people are victims of postdiction and mistakes in their gameplay are quiet astounding.

Its actually plain to play Monday Morning Quarterback than admitting that you made a major error. Bear in mind that in spirit and poker the simple way out isn’t the finest option. It takes a lot guts and hard work appropriate for individual to be truthful with themselves and to become exulting in this game.

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