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Profiles of Poker Players : The Locksmith

Enemy or Friend?

Locksmiths are there to occupy a vacant sit in the poker table and nothing else. They are not your friend nor your enemy. They are not willing to take the risk getting involve with anybody that’s why they are like a stone cold lock. They also like to play strong hands which only means that you can only get a little profit from them. It is also most likely that you are going to fold your hand whenever they raises a bet.

Aggressiveness and Selectivity

A locksmith only play a small percentage of the hands they are dealt about 10%. They will place money in the pot if they have a strong hand and have a habit to raise and re-raise if they have the best hand in the table. Be careful when dealing with them and stop betting if they raise you.

This kind of poker personality is also the most tight player in the game. Once they play they will eventually raise the bet but since they only have a small number of hands to play they are utterly passive. Obviously, this passivity can be attributed to their fear of someone having a better hand than they have. They are also commonly willing to start the bet but hesitant to re-raise except if they have the best hand in the game.

The range of 10% is a small range of play. In Hold ‘Em you only get a range of ATs+, AJo+, 88+. Other than that the locksmith would not turn over their hand and bet.


If you’re looking for a predictable player the locksmith is a very easy candidate. They cannot employ deceptive plays due to the short range of hands they play. And if they manage to grab a good hand in accordance to their tight play they will eventually acquiesce to a re-raise due to their passive way of playing.


You will encounter a lot of locksmiths in your poker career. Each of them have different kind of Poker IQ. Some of them play tight and doesn’t bother to make changes in their game. But a number of locksmith knew a lot about poker and are open to make changes in their play to suit their opponents.


Locksmiths are also willing to give away free cards, so don’t waste chips in bluffing – just run away with the free card and try to make a better hand.

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