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Semi Bluffing

Semi-Bluffing is a great tool you can use in the game of poker. Semi-Bluffing is when you bet thinking that there is a slight to good chance that your opponent will fold, but even if he doesn’t you still have outs to make the best hand or you possibly also may have the best hand already.

The greatest time to semi-bluff is when you have the middle pair on the flop with a high kicker in your hand, and perhaps maybe a long-shot straight draw or runner-runner flush draw. This way you can either get your opponent to fold right away, later in the hand, or perhaps catch the nuts. You should always bet right on the flop with mid pair high kicker to either feel your opponent out or get him to fold quickly. Poker rewards the aggressive player. As always you should take into consideration the pre-flop action, and be weary of the re-raise which is what the player with the top pair will usually do (s/he will usually just call if s/he thinks s/he has a good chance to trap you into a monster).

You should not try to Semi-Bluff if you know for a fact that your opponent will not fold. The mere definition and term Semi-Bluff does not give you the right to semi-bluff all of your chips away the whole night. Semi-bluffing does in fact get a lot of people in trouble.

Flush draws, and inside straight draws on the turn are very alluring to the amateur poker player. Many players will go all in right when they see that. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad play, especially if you think your opponent will fold. But if you don’t think that your opponent will fold than it is actually somewhat of a terrible move. The semi-bluff is one of the best moves you can make in poker but it is also one of the most overused and misused plays in poker.

When considering using a semi-bluff, you really have to take into consideration, more closely, how much money is in the pot, and even more so how much money you think you can win off of your opponent. Semi-Bluffing is not even worth it if you do not think you can win more money out of your opponent or if there is not enough money in the pot to begin with.

Semi-bluffing is also least effect when you have more than two people in the hand. If you semi-bluff at a pot when there is more than two people playing with you nine tens out of ten your going to get called by at least one of them and they are probably going to take you down more than likely with a monster or top pair with a high kicker.

Poker is a game of percentages. When you’re semi-bluffing, you are actually playing on a relatively small chance that you are going to catch your winning hand on the turn or on the river. But if you combine that with the fact that your opponent may fold, than that may dramatically increases your chance of winning the hand.

Remember that you have to get a good read on your opponent before semi-bluffing at the pot and that your opponent CANNOT be a calling station if you are going to attempt to semi-bluff.

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