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Signs of a Good Poker Player

Whether you’re a beginner poker player or not, spotting a good poker player in a game or when choosing a table gives you an advantage over him.  It is better to play it safe and be prepared.  Below are the common signs of what a good poker player does and has.

  • Playing tight. An experienced poker player is educated about the starting hands of poker. This is actually a problem for most players, especially those who fail to use the image they have created during a tight play. Players without this knowledge struggle most during shorthand plays. Most of the time, what used to be a key to winning 10 handed hold em deem to have no chance at all in winning shorthanded just because of the lack of this trait. This is something to really ponder about.

  • Playing selectively aggressive. No one becomes successful without being selectively aggressive at some point in the game. This is even more effective shorthanded. When a good player is in the pot, that’s the time he bets aggressively. That only means that he plays it tight to get into the pot, and then becomes aggressive once he is in it.

  • Variety on his speed of play. Just like in a game of chess, there are decisions that take longer than the other. This means you would have to think things first before making a move. This goes best in heavy games where everyone in the table is actually thinking about every move they do. A good player is able to adjust his play depending on who his opponents are, and the game selection he chose.

  • Plays the same hands differently. This works perfectly with the above point. A good player not only changes his speed of play, he at the same time varies his manner of playing it. This means that this player doesn’t just open raise an ace from any position unless maybe if the blinds or the table are tight. Just remember though that the most common mistake for most shorthanded players is raising any ace from any position. The point here is to know when not to and when you should do so.

  • Folding his blinds. It might sound a little odd but almost 30% of the players defend their blinds whole heartedly. This is an aspect in Poker that one should realize. The aim of the game, if you still remember is to gain more chips. This means that you should learn to use the chips to your maximum advantage. Wasting chips would get you nowhere.

These tips may be as simple as it may seem, but knowing how to spot it from a good player gives you an upper hand because you will be able to prepare yourself and be able to make the appropriate moves against him.  When you’ve spotted who the good player is, or Signs of a Good Poker Player, or if you’re in a game with one, you will be able to adjust your play accordingly.

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