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Slow Playing Trips

Sometimes it is a good move to slow play trips and other times it isn’t. That is pretty much how it works for any hand in poker. There will be times that slow playing trips will be the best play. In fact, that will probably be the right move most of the time. It depends on who you are playing against and what else is on the board. It also depends on when and how you managed to get trips. It makes a difference if you got it because you had a pocket pair or if there are 2 cards on the board and you have the other one.

When to Slow Play Trips

A good time to slow play trips is when you are playing aggressive players and you are sure you have the best hand and will continue to have the best hand. If you flop trip fives because you had pocket fives and you feel that you have the best hand then it is safe to say nobody will put you on this hand. There is no point in betting on your monster and scaring people away. If they are aggressive players then they will find a way to bet for you. Let them stick around and catch high pair or even two pair. That is when you can turn around and take their entire stack.

When the board pairs and you have another one of those cards then it is a lot harder to hide. If you bet strong or even slow-play, your opponents will want to put you on trips. Naturally any player will go over the hands that you could have. The first thing they will think about is if you have trips or not. Slow playing trips in this position is probably the best play; but not by checking. In this situation, you want to tell them you have a hand. You just do not want to tell them you have trips.


Flop = AA7

Your hand = AK

Bet the flop like you have a 7, not an Ace. Throw a small bet out there, and make your opponent think you have a seven. Keep the story straight and keep betting that way until the end. Your opponent may put you on an Ace when you bet at the end, but there is a good chance that they may be pot committed by this time, or they just may be curious about what you have. Once again, this totally depends on your opponents. If you are playing an opponent who is a calling station then just bet your hand all the way through and get paid.
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When not to Slow Play Trips

With any hand, you always want to ask yourself how vulnerable the hand is. If it is vulnerable; then what hands could beat it? Follow that by asking yourself if your opponent could have one of those hands. If so, then you cannot slow play your trips. You must protect your hand in this situation. This is the one time that you should not slow play your trips. If your opponents are on a draw then you can only blame yourself when they catch it for free. Always make them pay for their draws. Slow playing trips can make you a lot more money, but it can also cost you a lot more money if you are not careful

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