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Small Blind vs. Big Blind

One of the most difficult positions to play poker out of is the blind. Both blinds are terrible position and it is hard to play out of bad position. Even worse, is when you are left with just you and the other blind. What to do when you are in the blind and the only other opponent is the other blind can sometimes be a tough decision.

A lot of the time it is not really worth it to play in this position unless you have a good hand. There are not a lot of implied odds going up against just one player, especially since they are the blind. Even if you have a really good hand there is not really any point to raise with it because you are going to end up heads up anyways. Good hand or bad hand; being the blind playing against just the other blind is never fun.

If you are the small blind and you don’t have a good hand then there is not any point in even getting involved with the hand. You have the worse position between the two blinds and there is nothing except for bad news that could come out of a hand. It is just a waste of time; even if you end up winning you probably won’t get paid off unless the other guy gets a good hand just slightly worse then yours. As you know, the odds of that are not very good.

Then there is the big blind. Being in the big blind is a lot easier because you have the good position. A good move in the big blind is to raise the small blind if they limp in with you. That will do a couple things for you. For one, it will allow you to teach your opponent a lesson. The other reason is because you are putting yourself in the position to win a decent pot. After that raise, it will make it a competition and get things going. If you are not a very aggressive player, you could always choose to simply check and see what happens from there.

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The one situation that can become a problem is when you get a monster in a blind vs. blind situation. It is hard to figure out what to do because you want to make money from your good hand. If you get pocket aces, you don’t want to raise but if you don’t then you are risking getting drawn out by a terrible hand. All because of the blinds, you end up losing a big pot for nothing. Some will tell you to raise anyways, while others will tell you to check your monster before the flop. It all depends on the style that you play and the goals you are trying to achieve. Playing blind vs. blind for some can be a different game in itself. For others blind vs. blind is just a time to fold and move onto the next hand. In some games you will even have the option to chop and keep your binds just to save time.

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