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Studying Pot Limit Omaha Poker: Thoughts in Pre-flop PLO

The first part of this series talks about the beginning hands in PLO being close to each other in conditions of value. It’s not sensible to place a large part of your pot if you don’t have a big hand to contend with. The reason for this thought is that anything may pop when the flop is turned and not all the time you’re not on the positive side of luck.

You may want to raise your bet if you think you have a better hand but it’s recommended not to place more than 10% of your stack during pre-flop. Only when you have an AAxx or KK/QQ hand that you can bet more than that.

If you have these hands you either place a bet of below 10% or over 50% of your stack.

Less Than 10% Bet

Betting less than 10% will give you an opening to back out whenever the odds is against you once the flop opens. One good illustration would be playing in a PLO game with $100 buy-in money. In this game, you’re holding a pretty big hand of AsKsJdQc.

You bet $7 and when the flop opens and reveal AJQ with no suit cards the same as you then you can leave your bet behind. You won’t bet regretting the money loss because it’s just a small amount in comparison with being in between of a raising war with no good results in tow.

But whenever the pot is opened to $7 and you avail yourself with 2 calling stations, you may want to re-pop with $38. You may win the hand with your 3 pair and a waiting gut-shot straight that may split the pot. You can get as much as $200 from your starting bet of only $38.

Don’t try to bet more 20%-40% of your stack when the flop is not turned; it’s not a good idea and you might regret doing it.

More than 50%

Having strong hands will give you a fair advantage of having head to head with one of your opponents. If your hole card is consists of an AAxx or a strong KK/QQ then it’s time for you to raise more than 50% of your chips which may result in having the majority of your opponents to fold.

From this you need not stop betting because you have already committed yourself to the pot. Possessing an AA or KK will surely give a benefit of a high card even though the flop is not favorable to you.

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