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Table Talk

We just don’t get it , why do so many poker players give away valuable information by talking at the poker table. Have you seen someone you know fall victim to their own subconscious by talking?

Since tells at the poker table could be worth a million bucks now with the poker wave. We are going to talk or not about gaining information and giving it away.

If you want to get an idea of what we are talking about watch any tv program on poker from either the WPT, WSOP on ESPN,any live game and or tounament poker. Either way you will see someone that has been relatively quite at the table taking care of business and then all of a sudden… someone will ask them a question or make some statement that they responded too. oops did i just say that! Yep you sure did! Shit is what they are thinking in their head.

Here is an example that we noticed while watching the WPT on tv. A player was in a tournament with 3 players left. No one really talking two much. One player folded too the blinds. The small blind raises and the big blind calls. Out comes the flop and who cares what it is. The player that raise makes another continuation bet and the player call but says under his breath “you got me”. Now this was not the kind of talk you want anyone to hear out loud unless you had a specific table strategy for doing so. Basically you just gave them a green light to bet again and win. They did call a raise again and well what do you know they lost. The subconscious mind is your enemy when it comes to talking. Keep it to a minimum.

Another example, This is on the same night but a little earlier in the tournament. 6-7 players at the final table. Three players in the hand and one player makes a comment the short stack at the table and the next players to act says something like this ” my chips just have a gravitational pull over to you” . Wow is that just like saying here take the remainder of my chips. I am a looser and have no real chance of winning. My point being is you need to focus on the task, winning. If that means being silent and not giving information to your enemy then so be it. Like in this case he is telling the players he is not confident in his game, he is feeling frustrated, concerned that one player is out playing him. We can think of a few more but you get the idea.

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Ok so one more example of another type. The player that talks to much and then goes silent. This happen so much at the table. This type of player never stops talking the out of no where has to concentrate. Why? because they might actually have a real hand? Yes beware of player or at least cautious when a talker goes silent.

We just want to be clear that we are talking about things that are not used as a tool to trick you. We are talking about the things poker players say or don’t when they don’t mean too. Below is an example of talk that is meant to trick (meant) you so you can see the difference.

The sound of a tell is an extremely powerful tool. Many players will ask questions like how much is it to me? when they very well know the amount but are acting dumb to give the impression of being week or convey the uncertainty of their hand. It usually not the actual words that are the tell but the tone at which they use. Also if they have been quite for almost the whole game and all of a sudden the say How much is that too me? This has been written about before my many authors. Be cautious of this table talk they probably have a strong hand.

The more you talk the more information your enemy gets. Now we are not saying be a statue but just be mindful of you resulting speech and how if effects the outcome of your chip stack in the end. Beyond that though there are specific things at the poker table you can listen for, because you know that you will not be the only one not talking but listening for that one up tell that gives you the edge on that hand , the player, or later… the game.

We will ultimately leave it up to you to decide but we will leave you with one thought. Just don’t let your subconscious mind talk for you!

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