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Tells On Online Poker

Many believe that you can’t read the mind of a person or see a tell when you’re playing online poker. If you don’t what a tell is here’s a common definition: A tell is a clue or hint that a player unknowingly gives about the strength of his hand, his next action, etc.

You already have encountered a poker tell even if you didn’t know it. Sometimes a player taps his finger in table if he had a strong hand and a player who cannot see through your gaze when he’s lying about something.

While online you cannot see such tells. But you can observe some patterns that a player does when he plays. On the Internet, you cannot see your opponent face to face, so the best thing to do is to check out their timing when they bet, raise, check or fold. You can actually use this info against them if you’re able to recollect it. So be vigilant when your playing online poker.

One example of a tell in online poker is when a player clicks the auto raise button when they have a good set of cards. A pro won’t do this trick because it gives away the strength of your card.

When you encounter an opponent who does the auto raise button trick and then he pauses before making a raise, then you must look what’s the reason behind his actions. Did he make a call before the first three cards are opened?

Do you think he’s a blind? What do you think would be on the flop? Calculate the consequences in your mind in accordance to the cards you have.

Being observant is a key in playing online poker. Know the patterns that your opponents make in particular situations. With this you’ll calculate the strength or weakness of their cards and you can do a thing that will be for your advantage.

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