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The Ins and Outs of Club Titan Poker


When you happen to be a member of the prestigious online poker club named Titan Poker then you might be wondering what’s behind the organization. You can pick up a bit about the Club by reading this article. This is short but descriptive on the benefits you can get from signing in to the Club and will help you get started if you’re just a beginner.


The fundamental point in becoming a member of Club Titan Poker is to gather points that in the end will gain money. But this is changed by the fact that:

a)You can reach new levels in the Club which will virtually earn you more points and;
b)You can actually store your points until you get to exchange them in bigger amounts resulting in a better conversion ratio

VIP Levels

In the Club Titan Poker you have access to 6 different VIP levels. When you start playing each month you’ll gain a VIP Bronze membership like everyone else.

As you earn 1000 points in one month you will become a Silver member. Gathering 5000 points entitles you to a VIP Gold membership.

You can get VIP Platinum membership if you’re quick enough to collect 10,000 points in one month and getting 17,000 and 35,000 points gives you the privilege to become VIP Titanium and VIP Diamond members specifically.

What you can get from leveling?

In Club Titan Poker leveling up to a higher level means more points because you’ll get a particular boost in your points once you reach up a higher level. Being a Bronze member will change nothing but having a VIP Silver membership will increase your points to 20%. And as you climb along you’ll get 40%, 60%, 100% and 120% on the subsequent levels.

It signifies that when you become a VIP Titanium member you are entitled to a 100% increase in your points making it double and if you are a Diamond member you’ll get more than double of your points.

Exchanging Points to Dollars

The rationale behind these point boosts is that the larger points you acquire and exchange the better conversion rate you’ll get when you exchange those points to money.

The lowest conversion ratio is 200 points to 1 dollar. You will get it when you exchange lowest point of 2000 which will get you $10.

The highest conversion rate is 58 points to 1 dollar and you will get it if you exchange 7 million points at once – getting $120,000. You can get different conversion ratios depending on the amount of points you require to exchange.

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