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Tips for Poker Beginners

Tips for Poker Beginners

Before you even begin playing poker, there are some tips you should consider to avoid losing so much from the game.  Make sure that you follow and study the guidelines below, and equip yourself for your game ahead.


Not to play a game where you will lose more money than you can afford.

Everyone knows that poker involves an element of luck no matter how good you are in it.  See, even the best poker players around experience an unlucky streak once in awhile in several games.  It’s not unusual at all hearing stories of great players going on a cold streak.  But the idea here isn’t about the losses, it’s all about how they handle these losses and still maintain a profit at the end of the year.  What’s their secret?   It’s actually very simple.  These players make sure that they have enough money to weather these unlucky streaks.  In other words, you really shouldn’t push your luck putting all your money in just one game.  Make sure that you’ll have enough savings that would keep you going the rest of the game, or the year.  Keep in mind that the more you know that you have money properly bankrolled and all that, the more comfortable and confident you will be along any game.  Maintain a regular limit because scared money is already considered as lost money.  Even the experts agree that a player needs to at least have enough money in your bankroll to account for 300 big blinds in the game you are playing, and at least 20 full buy ins for big bet games like no limit and pot limit.

Know your spots.

This is all about your game selection strategy.  The tip here is to make sure that you’re playing in a game where you know that there isn’t too much competition or that the players won’t play as well as you do.  Having an idea about whom you’re playing with truly is a plus.  So before proceeding to sit on a table, try to analyze and observe a few games first just to become familiar with the players.  For example, imagine if the poker’s top ten players decided to play with each other every day, wouldn’t that put the tenth place player on the losing end all the time?  Thus the need to change tables and knowing the best one that would suit you will help a lot on whether you’ll win or not.

Never involve yourself in a game if your head is not in its place.

Just like any other sports or game around, it is never beneficial if you join in on it in a terrible mood or state.  So if you’ve just had a fight with your wife, had a very stressful day, been drinking or has done drugs, it’s best that you stay out of any poker game for the time being.  Remember that poker is a game that needs concentration or focus.  When you’re distracted, it’s guaranteed that you won’t be able to play your best.  You’ll probably make stupid calls and lose buy in after buy in, and will be throwing money recklessly.  So chances are, you’ll lose, end up agitated and might even pick a fight with your co-players.  Be careful not to make a scene and simply stay at home or just watch the game when you’re not in the right state to play in it to avoid all the trouble and the consequences that goes with a bad mood.

And lastly,

Don’t over bluff.

Although bluffing seems to be highlighted on televised poker games, it’s really not that much an advantage on the real thing, especially if you over do it.  Learn to reserve those bluffs for worthy causes.  The reason for this is plain and simple: if you bluff too much, you’ll eventually be figured out by your opponents ruining your strategy.

Try to remember these simple tips and make sure that you are emotionally, physically, and of course financially prepared for the game to be assured of not only a probable win, but a fun and exciting time in it too.

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