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Top 10 Live Poker Tells

There are a lot of poker tells out there. In fact they say that every player has at least one tell. Some are just much harder to read then others. Listed below are some of the more common poker tells.

  • Talk – The way players talk can be a huge poker tell.  Players may have a very choppy conversation while playing in a hand.  This usually means that they have their mind on something else, meaning they probably do not have a good hand.  The opposite of that is a smooth conversation which means they have a good hand.  This is because they are relaxed, and they are comfortable knowing they have a good hand
  • Eyes – This is a big one.  All players may do different things with their eyes, but this is one of the best ways to get a tell on a player.  There are not too many specific tells dealing with eyes that can be mentioned without possibly misleading you.  The best way to go is to just keep watching eyes and you will be able to come up with some of your own tells.
  • Facial Expressions – Different players will make different facial expressions when they have good hands or bad hands.  It is up to you to figure out what the facial expressions are and what they mean.  All you need to do is be observant and pay close attention and you will have no problem spotting this kind of tell.
  • Strong/Weak Reverse – This one is the most common tell that any beginners do all the time.  They pretend like they are weak when they are strong and pretend to be strong when they are weak.  You never know until you see the player’s cards, so it is often worth it to play a player off a couple times just to see if that is what they do.  If it works for them, they will continue to do it.
  • Chip Glance – This is a tell that is common, but not well known by the majority of poker players.  This is called the chip glance because often, when a player connects with the flop they will glance at their chips.  It is normally very quick and sudden and you must catch it right away.  This is a great tell, because they will never realize that they are doing it, and you can realize it every time.
  • Staring Through the Flop – This one is just the opposite of the last one.  Players who do not connect with the flop will often just stare right through it.
  • Body – Of course body language is another good tell.  Once again you just have to observe body language and go with your gut.  Either you can sense a tell or you cannot.
  • Anxiety – This one is tough because many players with anxiety can get all anxious for a variety of different reasons.  Sometimes it is hard to figure it out.  They could be anxious because of good hand, or a bad hand.
  • Betting Patterns – A great tell for any player is their betting patterns.  Pay close attention to the way that players bet.  They will often have a specific betting pattern for different situations.  They will bet a certain way when they have a good hand and another way when they have weak hand.
  • Hands – Watching player’s hands is a very easy tell.  Normally a player’s hands will shake when they get excited.  If a player’s hands are shaking then chances are they are excited about a good poker hand.  This happens more with newer players

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