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Understanding Poker Personalities : The Bookworm

As you play the game of poker you will encounter different kind of personalities as you go along. Here are some of the most common profiles of poker players that you might come across.

Ally or Enemy?

Don’t ever try befriending a bookworm because they are not the friendly sort. They assume that they know a bunch about the game and they boast it to others by teaching them the right way according to their standards. They will try to persuade you to do this and that. They have also a bad trait of criticizing and laughing on other player’s mistake which is kind of rude. The other player might be tempted to leave the game for a better table or will do finer on the next round. There is no doubt that the bookworm knows the basic of poker but don’t be scared on that, but the way they treat other people must be watch.

Selectivity and Aggression

The bookworm has a compact game before flop. But their weakness would be seen at post-flop. This is due to the number of books they have read, a jumble of ideas in their head and will have concepts fighting to one another inside their minds to find them continue during post flop. Those poker players who wrote a book about poker have justified their weaknesses inside those books. So the bookworm will continue to base his game on these books and picked up all the weaknesses inside all of it. With this, you may expect that a bookworm will play a loose and too aggressive game during post flop.

And because the only aspect of poker wherein the general poker players agree would be the strength of your starting hand, then its the only part that the bookworm truly understands.

To summarize the game play of a bookworm – they are somehow aggressive in their play but will play loosely when someone aggravates them with the only exemption of them holding the best card in the table.


The bookworms are very knowledgeable, no question on that. They know how to play but they are not deceptive players. They are very predictable because they use the same style every time. You will predict their hand at the moment by checking out what kind of move they made.

Poker IQ

Speaking of Poker IQ, a bookworm has a low one. Yes, they know a lot about poker by reading their books but when its time to face a challenge at the poker table they are unable to adjust. The mistake they commit is that they follow their book like its the most right thing to do and they don’t know how to decide for themselves. However, those books are written in accordance to a general situation and nothing to specific ones because the author will not be aware of the current condition the reader is in. But despite all of this, the bookworm treat their books with utmost respect and follow its guideline on every game they play.

“Hey, BOOKWORMS You’re playing poker not building a desk, you can’t just follow instructions!”

Bookworms will have a hard time comprehending the motives behind a player’s move. They expect that all players must follow what they do and those who don’t will be criticize and laugh at.


One thing that can help you defeat a bookworm and put them in their rightful place is to befriend them, talk to them and try to worm out their game play through them. They are boastful enough to brag about it to anyone who will listen.

But if ever they strike out your effort in befriending them then its time to put up your aggressiveness into play. Stay aggressive and don’t be afraid to bet against them if they will.

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