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Value of suited connectors

The value of playing suited connectors has always fascinated me over the years. We all see the pros consistently playing suited connectors. But it always seems like they play them a little different than the average poker player. Lets take a look at the reason this is such an under rated type of hand with huge potentials if played right.

When playing suited connectors the most ideal situation for no limit texas holdem would be to have multiple players in the pot, to be able to see a flop cheaply, and know when to let them go if you miss. If you miss on the flop its much easier to let them go if you got into the pot cheaply. You can see quite a few flops if you have a decent size chip stack. But if you hit a big hand, you are most likely going to win a good size pot. Most players wont put you on a big and since you just limped in. Obviously playing this type of hand with position is ideal in most situations. You first off are minimizing the ability of player behind you to raise the pot and are able to see all the action until its your turn to act. Analyze your opponents one by one as they bet, call or fold and try to determine there strength or weakness.

Ok you are at the flop and you have missed. This is a very easy fold to almost any bet. Let it go and save your chips for better circumstances. But a harder decision is when you make a draw. This is a tricky little hand and always plays out different. But in most cases, if you can get in cheaply and you have chips call a bet. But you should decide weather going all in might be the better choice. Let look at the decision to go all in if you are called at least you have a draw and a chance to win the pot. If everyone folds it becomes a mute point. But If you just call the bet you must be prepared for a continuation bet by one of your opponents. This makes the all in a risky forces them to a decision rather than allowing then to bet small and catch another card or you fold. But most of the time you probably don’t have the best hand if any A,K,Q,J flops. Someone is going to make you pay. Either way its ok to fold or call. But decide if you have enough chips to make the right decision.

So you have hit a straight of a flush on the river, the question is what to do. Do you just let others catch up or do you put it to them and make them pay. We think the wisest decision is based on who you are playing but normally we like to see players bet say twice the pot and get some callers.

There are so many variables that we could go into but you get the idea. Try Playing suited connectors at Titan Poker and remember to use our exclusive Titan Poker bonus for 150% up to $600 bonus use: TP600

Suited connectors are fun cards to get lucky with and anyone can enjoy the deception they allow poker players that utilize the power of this hand.

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