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Weak means strong tell

Many Poker players like to fool you . If you are convinced that they are week you are going to make a few extra call that are not warranted. If you are convinced they are strong when they are week you are going to let your cards go earlier that if convinced they are week. If you allow they to trick you and get you to fold strong hands. They have one. Don’t let this happen to you.

When players go out of their way to act very weak, you guess it they are most likely strong. Mike Caro asked the question would a player that truly holds a weak tell you he’s in bad shape or vise a versa. No. Don’t let them get away with tricking you.

Lets talk about another little tell that some try to trick you into believing they are weak with in a live game our tournament. The false swallow. When a player swallows to act as if he is week, or scared of a call. You need to learn that this is most likely a trap unless the player if very green. Eric Lundgren has been seen on national television using this technique or tell in the PPT Tournaments. He even went as far as swallowing twice as if his opponent hadn’t already seen his weak means strong tell.

Online tells are not so easy to learn but sometime players at Titan Poker will use the instant chat to through off players. Try not to read the posts if you can.

If you choose to learn poker tells online or at the poker room. Remember weak means strong.

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