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What Do They Say About Limping With Aces

Lots of poker strategy books talk about this sort of strategy on their pages and even poker forums online and poker websites discussed this tactic. Limping with Aces is an unusual poker strategy but certainly not unheard of.

When you’re playing poker and you’re the first one to act and your hole card is a pocket of aces what would you do? Simple. Limp your aces and wait. If you’re fortunate enough then someone will raise the bet and that’s where you start to act accordingly.

When someone do the above mentioned act, you re-raise his bet and if you’re super lucky and your opponent hold a pocket of Kings or something weaker then you will get all the money in the pot pre-flop.

But what will happen if there are four or more callers after you limp with your Aces?

If you want to survive the night and to play for a long time, then you must follow this: Its given that you’re still under the gun, with this you make a decent sized bet. Then afterwards, if someone called or more then you’ll have a player raise and that’s not good. The most appropriate thing to do is to fold your pocket Aces. Yes, you have to fold it because it seems like you’re playing with a lot of random cards.

Many believe that to fold Aces is a capital sin. But what if the flop is consists of rags? Just always think that you only invested a small amount of money and you should not invest more in a card with a very small chance of winning.

This is because there is a large chance that your opponents are holding an set pair or a trio set or even waiting for a chance draw that will make their cards unbeatable.

And if your opponent has a two pairs with a full house opportunity then its a waste if you will continue to bet you’re money in a losing hand.

Don’t forget that poker is a player of opportunity. You need to learn when to drawback and when to fight. Always think that there is a better hand waiting for you to take your back to the highest level.

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