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When to Reraise

The question of when a good time to reraise in a poker game is often brought up. There is not an easy way to answer the question, and it often depends on the type of players that are in the game. Another thing that it really depends on is the type of player you are.

Different poker players raise and reraise for different reasons. An aggressive player reraises every chance he gets, while a non aggressive player would more then likely only reraise when he or she has a great hand.

There are some instances when it shouldn’t matter what type of player you are. There are some cases where a reraise is necessary no matter how you look at it. The number one reason to reraise is when weakness is sensed. If you are playing in a poker game and you are raised, but you think your opponent is weak you should almost always raise. The only way you should not raise there is if you are trying to trap your opponent with your good hand. In that case you may want to wait until the end to reraise. Any other time, it should not matter what hand you have. If you sense weakness, show your strength and raise the raiser.

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If you want to be an aggressive poker player there is a lot more instances where a raise would be the proper move. An aggressive poker player is always throwing out bets just to test the waters. They always need to have control over the game. The one true way to control your opponents is to take control of betting as much as possible. Sure, this will backfire sometimes; but it will work more times then it will backfire. It is not very often that your opponent will have a hand that they no for sure are good. Being an aggressive player means reraising very consistently. This does a couple of different things for you, as the aggressive player. For one, it allows you to win the pot because everyone folded. Second, it allows you to get more callers when you end up with a huge hand.

The reraise is one of the best moves in poker, and it really makes people think. The first thing that will come to your opponents mind is that you have got to have a great hand if you are reraising his or her initial bet. Good hand or not, that is what your opponent has to put you on. If you have a good but vulnerable hand that you do not want to get drawn out on, then it is important that you make this move. You want your opponent to know you have the better hand right now and if they want to draw out on you they will have to pay for it. If you do not have a good hand, you still want your opponent to put you on a monster hand because the goal is to get them to fold.

In many poker players’ eyes, there is never a wrong time to reraise. This is a characteristic of an aggressive poker player. Aggressive poker will get you a long way if you do it in the right matter. A reraise will win your hands, defend your hands and make people think twice the next time they raise you in the first place. If it is possible to talk yourself into reraising a particular hand, then you should probably do it.

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