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When to show your cards

Your poker image is something to guard like your bankroll, your best friend, your girlfriend or even your new car. But their comes a time in every poker players game that its time too let down that image vail and show your cards.

Deception is something that you can con troll only if you allow yourself to be deceptive and practice your skills. One such skill is showing your cards. Especially if you play online. Its very easy to allow the computer just to auto fold or much your card when done with a hand.

Here is an example: Your are playing online Limit Holdem in a fast moving game allot of players about half the table are moving in and out of the game (new players) the other half are resident to either your table or the room at which you are playing. This is a great time to allow yourself to practice your deception skills. Most of the players at the table are always focused on the new players trying to figure out what playing style they are and betting strategies. While this is good , you will be focusing on deciding to control you image at the table to the players hanging around for a while.

You have been raising the pot allot and taking down some pots the table is getting a little frustrated with your aggressive style of play and you start loosing extra chips since no one wants to challenge you and see some cheep flops. You get a marginal hand 7D-8C , the pot has not been raised, everyone calls you are in late position. Perfect time to see a flop. The flop comes out junk for you and most of the table everyone checks. You figure perfect I will make a small bet and take down to small pot. Almost everyone at the table calls why we don’t know, maybe you have been pushing them around to much. The turn comes and again your hand does not improve , you raise with a standard continuation bet and hope again to take down the pot. You get a few callers. Now the river your hand is worthless you have nothing and have raised almost every step of the way. It’s down to you and 2 other players they check! you raise! they call and they show their hands. But since you were in late position you could just muck and move on to the next hand. Here is the magic in deception. Until this hand you have really had the stuff (you’ve always had made hands) but I would suggest showing your hand giving the illusion that you will play with anything. You need to mix it up and showing your hand in this situation is ideal for this scenario. Next time they are playing with you in a hand they should call since you might not have a hand like last time.

This way you are giving the table an insight into your playing style. But are you really? no… you are always in the state of shifting gears. The next time you might have a full house or the nuts. Your opponent will subconsciously be thinking about that one time you showed nothing and he might want to call. Just remember in online poker the sword cuts both ways. The other players wont know anything about you except what you let them see. Just remember deception is the name of the game and know when to show your cards and when not too.

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