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Titan Poker Double 101

Becoming skilled at Titan Poker Double is effortless for some people but many will say that it’s not simple as it may seem. Some people had the chance to know more about the Double but ignored it complete oblivious of what they’re missing. If you’re thinking about methods or strategy to win Titan Poker Double, there are a lot of them but many complete disregards this fact. They don’t know that these methods may help them to have a very profitable living in the future.

The basics on how Titan Poker Double works is as follows: You have to register for two tournaments which are 5 minutes apart from each other. These tournaments are worth $5 + $1 – $5 for the buy-in and $1 for the registration fee. And these tournaments run side by side. If you are blessed enough to make it to the finals for both tourneys then you will win a particular prize aside from the regular prize. And if you win both tournaments then it is obvious that you’ll get a better prize than big.

Reaching the finals for both tournaments will make you gain a share from the 50% cut from the promotional jackpot divided across others who have reach the same spot as you. If you’re one lucky fellow to reach the finals alone then you’ll get the whole 50%.

The prize pool was cut directly from the registration fee payment and that would be $.50 for every $1 paid by each entrant for each tournament. This prize will increase every day as long as the original prize was not used the day before. So there is a possibility that you’ll get a big pot when you ended up winning both tournaments.

If you end up winning the two tournaments then the prize you’ll get will be bigger. You will also obtain the full jackpot prize. Winning at the Double will give a lot of benefits money-wise.

Please remember that the jackpot is different from the prize money in the game. It came from the $1 registration fee paid by the participants in both games and the $5 buy-in will go through the tournament money only. It indicates that if you’re not able to win Titan Poker Double you still have a chance to get the regular tournament prize for each competition if you win one of them. Players who usually end up in the final tables will find out soon enough that playing Titan Poker Double is a very profitable experience indeed.

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