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Top 10 Poker Books to Read

There are thousands of poker books out there and a lot of them are nothing but junk. Just about anyone can come out with a poker book if they really want to. Even if a writer is not qualified to write a poker book, there is nothing stopping them from doing it. Many poker players have come out with their own books. If anyone has the knowledge to write a poker book, it is a professional poker player.

Reading poker books is an great way to gather knowledge of the game and test out new strategies. But their is no substitute for real play. If you are looking for one of the largest bonus codes and deposit bonuses online look no further than Titan Poker and use our special titan poker bonus code when you sign up an account.

Below is a list of our top 10 poker books in no particular order. These are all great poker books to read, and are highly recommended.

  1. Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book of Poker- This book concentrates on Texas hold’em which is nice, because that is what most people are looking for. There is some of the best information in this book that you will ever find. It doesn’t matter what level of poker you are on, this book has something for every player to learn. Not only does this book concentrate on Texas Hold’em, but it focuses strictly on No Limit.
  2. Phil Gordon’s Little Blue Book of Poker- This is another great book by Phil Gordon. This one goes into more depth with specific situations in No Limit Hold’em. This book will help you a lot with learning what to do in specific situations. This is just a great book, just like all of the other books produced by Phil Gordon.
  3. Phil Gordon’s Little Black Book of Poker- This is the third book already mentioned in this top poker book list written by Phil Gordon. All three of these books are now commonly sold as a package, and they are all a must read. If there were any poker books that are must reads, it would be these three books by Phil Gordon.
  4. Harrington on Hold’em, Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments, Volume 1 Strategic Play- This is the best book hands down for learning No Limit Hold’em tournaments. Make no mistake, that there is a huge difference between cash games and tournaments. This book will guide you through what it takes to be a success in poker tournaments. The book has plenty of credibility because it was written by one of the greatest tournament players in the world.
  5. Play Poker Like the Pro- This book was written by Phil Hellmuth Jr. and is highly recommended for poker players of all levels. This book is good because it has a great introduction into all of the poker games. It is perfect for beginners, but still has a lot of valuable information for advanced poker players.
  6. Doyle Brunson’s Super System II- Of course, anyone who knows poker knows Doyle Brunson. He is one of the most respected poker players on this planet, and he has the books to show you how he got that way. This book is great for learning how to take your game to a new level. This book is more for players that already have a good knowledge for the game.
  7. Ace on the River an Advanced Poker Guide- This book was written by Barry Greenstein, yet another expert and professional of poker. This guy knows poker as good or better then anyone else. This book will help an advanced poker player advance even higher. This book is great if you are really trying to improve your game.
  8. Caro’s Book of Poker Tells- This book is another advanced poker book, but it is a must read. There is no reason to not read this book. If you are serious about poker, this is a book that must be read. Not only will it help you find tells of your opponents, but it will help you realize some that you may be giving your opponents yourself.
  9. Harrington on Hold’em Expert Strategy for No Limit Tournaments, volume 2 Endgame- This is the second edition that Harrington had put out, that adds onto the first edition. This is a great book to read if you are reading the first one. All of the information is very good in the book.
  10. Harrington on Hold’em Expert Strategies for No Limit Tournaments, Volume 3 The Workbook- The workbook analyzes a lot of different hands and is a really good book, if you are looking to just analyze different hand examples. This book is a really good way to brush up your skills.

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