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Top 20 Best Starting Hands

Many of you already know what hands are the best and what hands suck but its always a good reminder to go over them again. If an (S) is next the the hand its means suited “both cards in the same suite”, which as you also know is better than unsuited.

  1. AA
  2. KK
  3. QQ
  4. JJ
  5. AK (s)
  6. TT
  7. AQ
  8. AJ (s)
  9. AK
  10. KQ (s)
  11. AT (s)
  12. KJ (s)
  13. AQ
  14. 99
  15. QJ (s)
  16. KT (s)
  17. 88
  18. QT (s)
  19. A9 (s)
  20. AJ

Just remember that by having the best starting hand preflop doesn’t always mean you will win but it sure does help with your betting strategy and confidence. Good luck at the tables.

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