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Top 5 cigars for your poker game

So you have a home poker game and want to get the boys some cigars but don’t know which ones to get or you are in the routine of the same old smoke. Offer your players a taste of style by acquiring some new cigars before your next game. Here is our Top 5 cigars list that wont break the bank but offer quality and satisfaction.

Most consider the wrapper of a cigar to be the heart of its flavor. 80 percent of a cigars flavor and taste can come from the wrapper, usually named after its place of origin. The very best wrappers are grown right here in the USA in Connecticut. A fine cigar wrapper will exude a light, oily sheen and feel somewhat firm to the touch. Yet softens when pressure is applied.

Just beneath the wrapper is the binder, a solid coarser leaf that holds the filler together and controls the burn rate of the individual cigar. Thicker binders makes for a slower cooler smoke while thinner ones will burn faster and hotter. A quality filler should produce ash up to an inch or longer in length.

The best cigars in the world are produced in Honduras , the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua. You ask why is cuba not on the list? Although cuban cigars still have a huge mystique because they are not sold in the US they have been outdone by better crop growing techniques and technology advancements in other regions.

top-5-cigars-for-your-poker-gameTOP 5 CIGAR LIST
Listed in no specific order.

* A. FUENTE (858)
* MACANUDO (Hyde Park)
* ROMEO Y JULIETA (Aniversario “Toro”
* PUNCH (Gusto)
* CIRUENTES (Febero)

Top 5 cigars for your poker game

We leave you with a few smoking tips to consider.

* Don’t judge a cigar until you are a third of the way into it. As you smoke the flavor will intensify.
* Smoke slowly to enjoy it as if you where drinking a $2000 bottle of french wine. This will give you maximum pleasure.
* When lighting a cigar, “start by holding it at a 45-degree angle and slowly roast the tip, so that the gases burn off and so that the cigar can adapt to the heat. Hold the flame away and draw it in with a easy gentle pull.
* Try not to clip beyond the cap line. This will make sure it doesn’t unravel.
* Try using a punch or plug cut instead of a guillotine.

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